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We have thousands of e-books (including e-comics) for kids, teens, and adults to check out instantly with a library card. We partner with several e-book platforms including OverDrive and Hoopla. Each platform is unique and has its own website or app. You can also check out most (but not all) e-books directly from the library catalog.

Need help? Ask a Library staff member at any of our locations or call, text or email Ask-a-Librarian. The Tinker Station helpline at (317) 275-4500 is also available. It is staffed by device experts who can answer questions about how to read, watch, and listen on a PC, tablet or phone.

How to Use OverDrive

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OverDrive has e-books, e-comics, and graphic novels for adults, teens, and kids. You can borrow up to 20 titles using your IndyPL Library card. If you have never borrowed from OverDrive before both app directions and browser directions are available as well as a video tutorial and Overdrive Support.

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  • Download OverDrive's Libby App on the App Store
  • Download OverDrive's Libby App on Google Play

Finding What to Listen to Next
OverDrive routinely features e-books of interest on their home page and in their app. What is featured often coincides with current events and trending or seasonal interests. They also have an e-book subjects page for you to browse that includes fiction and nonfiction listings for adults, teens, and kids.

Skip the Wait!
Hold lines for e-books can get very long for new and popular titles, but there are actually thousands of e-books available with no hold line. Here are some tips and tricks for finding e-books to check out immediately.

1. Lucky Day e-Books are popular titles that are immediately available! All Lucky Day titles have a seven day loan period and cannot be renewed. You may borrow only one Lucky Day title at a time. If you are lucky enough to get a Lucky Day copy, please remember to cancel the hold you might have on the regular copy!

2. When you search for titles in OverDrive you can narrow down your results so you only see items you can check out immediately. In the Libby app choose the "Available now" option under "Refine." On the OverDrive website choose "Available now" from the list of filters on the left side of the screen.

How to Use Hoopla

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Hoopla has e-books for all ages. You can borrow 10 Items each month using your IndyPL Library card. If you have never borrowed from Hoopla before directions are available as well as a video tutorial.

  • Download Hoopla on the App Store
  • Download Hoopla on Google Play
  • Download Hoopla on Amazon
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Skip the Wait!
You don't have to put Hoopla titles on hold, you are allowed to borrow whatever titles you want, up to 10 per month. However, if you've already read your 10 monthly borrows, Hoopla frequently, but not always, offers Bonus Borrows. Bonus Borrows don’t count against your monthly borrowing limit - look for them on Hoopla.

How to Use Tumblebooks

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The TumbleBook Library is for readers Pre-K through grade 6. It has no loan limits and no waiting! Here is a wonderful video tutorial to learn everything you need to know to borrow from it.

  • Download Tumblebook Library on the App Store
  • Download Tumblebook Library on Google Play
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