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Pause Requests

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Going on a vacation or business trip? If you have open requests and will be unable to pick up items for a period of time we encourage you to pause your requests.

How to Pause a Request

  1. Login to My Account and select On Hold under My Borrowing. On Hold items that are Not Ready can be paused. Items that are Ready or In Transit may not be paused.
  2. Click on “Pause hold” and select a date that you would like the hold to become active again.
  3. If you have multiple holds that you would like to pause, select each item by placing a checkmark in the box to the left of the item you would like to pause.
  4. After selecting the items you would like to pause, click on “Manage items” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click on “Pause holds” and select a date that you would like the holds become active again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I lose my place in the hold queue if I pause my requests?

No. If your paused request reaches the top of the queue and your suspension date has not arrived, then the request will not be filled for you. Your request will remain at the top of the list until your suspension date arrives and then it will be filled when the item is next checked in.

How do I reactivate a paused request?

If you want to reactivate a paused request sooner than you had planned, put a check mark next to each request that you want to reactivate and click on “Manage Items” and “Resume holds.” Your request will no longer be paused.