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Policies, Budgets & Reports

Policies governing services to the public including reports, budgets, and proposals for what the library makes possible in our community.

Policies, Budgets & Reports

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2021-2023 Strategic Plan
A guide to the Library’s efforts over the next three years intended to set an ambitious course for the future.


Acceptable Use Policy
Guidelines governing all electronic traffic originating from the Library. Failure to abide by these standards may result in the loss of Internet, computer, and Library privileges.

Behavior Policy
Behavior standards to provide a welcoming, pleasant, and safe environment for all patrons.

E-Privacy Policy
The Library's commitment to protecting users' personally identifiable information.

Convenient items and services the Library offers for a small fee as well as charges for lost or damaged materials.

Indianapolis Public Library Board By-Laws
By-laws of the Board of Trustees of the Indianapolis Public Library (“Library Board”), the official governing body of the Indianapolis Public Library.

Library Circulation Policy
The rules for how to borrow, renew, request, and return library materials.

Materials Selection Policy
Guidelines for the use, selection, and management of the Library's materials collection.

Meeting Room Guidelines
Information regarding Library meeting room options, amenities, fees, and reservations.

Purchasing Policy
Guidelines for purchasing at IndyPL.

Suggestion for Purchase
Guidelines for suggesting a new item for the IndyPL collection.

Web Content Policy
Guidelines for the selection and review of published content (original, linked, or referenced) that appears on the Library’s website.

Reports & Budgets

Annual Reports
The Library’s annual report of service highlights, accomplishments and progress on the Strategic Plan.

Budget Proposals
The annual estimate of the Library's income and expenditures.

Financial Reports
The annual financial report of the Library's income and expenditures.

Library services are supported by public funds. Access more information about the Library and other Indiana units of government at the Indiana Transparency Website Indiana Gateway.

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